Gaze and Marvel

What stronger feeling

could surpass

the momentary amazement

when you look

at the soft colors

in their dainty glory?


Would you perhaps

gaze, marvel

and feel gratified

that you belong to

the same world

that they do?


Watch a bee trying

to find a gap between

the two beauties and struggling

to decide on his best partner

24 thoughts on “Gaze and Marvel

  1. A simple theme, beautifully wrought. Sometimes little parts in the nature of things – and themes embrace and extol the whole – as you do again.

      • To elaborate, I am fascinated by the way you ‘married’ the strongest feeling, unsurpassed, and the amazement with such tiny daintiness, how the smallest item can give the strongest feelings. In the 2nd stanza that sudden realisation that they are in th same world as mine was very interesting, despite being so different – but yes, they are part of my world, and could be in a major way – on the way home when I cycle perhaps, glanced at everyday, changing even my mood or causing thought. The last stanza questions beauty, with the bee trying to struggle through to find what his ‘heart’ needs. I found that thought-provoking!

  2. I don’t know who or what created bees or you’s and me’s, but good luck to competitive bees and life in a microcosm – nicely done.

    • Thank you for the kind words on the poem..most of my photos are from Morguefile, which I select after writing the poem..Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on many of my posts..

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