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The Ligo Haibun Challenge – Flower


She lives in a country, which has six months of darkness. Though she is accustomed to nights, she yearns for the sun. The dim street lamp illuminates the garden, from where a lone rose stands out. While admiring the rose, she hopes it would live to see the sunlight.

Your unmatched glow

Lights the darkest of nights

I pray you live forever

This was written for the ligo haibun challenge.

My New Friend



The butterfly follows me

when I walk,

perches near my seat,

leans forward when I speak

and hovers around

when I sleep


Is he a friend, a confidante?

or a curious bystander?

If he had an ability to converse

or I had the talent of perception,

there would have been a lovely new song

now for you

Gaze and Marvel

What stronger feeling

could surpass

the momentary amazement

when you look

at the soft colors

in their dainty glory?


Would you perhaps

gaze, marvel

and feel gratified

that you belong to

the same world

that they do?


Watch a bee trying

to find a gap between

the two beauties and struggling

to decide on his best partner

The Beauty

She takes away the world

with a small glance

and they remain intoxicated

They do not hear her words,

refuse to understand her

and fail to recognize her talent

just gazing and admiring


Scared at first

then amused

and later taking it for granted

She succumbs to the admiration

Letting go the opportunities

Comfortable with her life

Glued to her admirers

The treasure of her mighty talent ignored

Beyond Reach


This is the last destination

of the wayward traveller,

Beyond the human reach,

these mountains

are frozen by destiny

as an immovable part of nature


We run and race

to touch and feel this

distant mirage,

but all we are allowed

is a fleeting glance

of this sculpted beauty

It is seemingly near

but too far for the human touch

No Umbrella Please

Toss your umbrella away

and walk this way

With the rain, let us sway


We will feel the rain

Before it touches the ground

Be enamoured by its music

Its unending magic

and tap our feet

to its steady beat


We will glow in its beauty

Forget ourselves

and the world for sometime

Flying Away

Orange and red gleaming in the sun,

the leaves grew with impossible speed

beckoning everyone

with their splendour and fragrance.

Never have I seen such vibrant beauty,

swaying in all its grandeur


The next day I realised the dance

was in fact a tremble

and the beauty and aroma

were a parting gift

for others to remember the leaves

after they fall a prey

to the autumn

Land of Paradise

Unsteady path,

dusty roads

and erratic pavements

led to me to this

land of paradise


This is the place

I stood transfixed

unable to blink

for the fear of losing it

as misty clouds enveloped me

casting a chill all around,

but leaving my heart

warm, satisfied and finally in peace

Proud Red Roses

Adding a new dimension to the greenery,

the blood-red roses personified passion

Energizing any object facing them

Reflecting inner strength

Glowing in their own beauty


They were not the fading pale,

but stood for courage

and unyielding love

The embodiment of conviction

and proud honesty

A Genuine Beauty

The beauty so fragile and delicate

Making thirsty bees hesitate

Just the fresh look to placate

Who would pluck this beauty?

Poised above fine greenery

Soothing any disturbed mind

If only for a second

Marvelling at its creation

Praising the maker

Or the benevolent nature