I enjoy writing and have worked asย an Online Content Writer. I moved to Singapore after getting married the last year.

This blog started out with book reviews and articles, but has now become a full-time poetry blog. I share with you my love for nature and also thoughts on other aspects. My favourite poems are ‘Daffodils’, ‘The Road Not Taken’ and ‘My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose’.

You may share and distribute the work here, but please remember to credit the author’s name. All poems and articles here are copyright of this author.

Thank you for your patience in reading so far:)

Hope you enjoy your visit to this blog:)


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  1. Hi! Glad you found and liked the poem on my site. There’s not always a lot of poetry on it (unlike here), but definitely always an uplifting, expansive message/gift for whomever stops by. Keep up the great writing!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking so much there… I enjoy your poetry and as I said on the comments I’m going to follow you… and enjoy every minute of it as well I’m sure…

    • I am very thankful for your nomination and your kind comments on my work. However, I had just received the same award three days ago..still, thank you very much:)

  3. Hi there thanks for your extended visit and lots of likes
    Most gratefully received.
    Read some of your poems, very impressed.
    And love that you have a poem by Robert Burns among your 3 favourites.
    Will be back.
    Thank you.

  4. I don’t exactly write poetry but just include a few silly rhymes in my blog. Thanks for stopping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I remember memorizing Daffodils in school. Never have forgotten it.

  5. hey nightlake, may I ask you how do you feel the design about my Blog?
    cause somebody told me that the font I used is too big, do you any views to share with me?
    i’ll be asking around my those constant and nice follower.thanks a lot!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog…and for noticing a post of mine from 2009! I will take a look at some of your writing now and just wanted to say, Hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

  7. There’s no “patience in reading” so far! Your writing is great, & worth reading.

    I wonder how you find Singapore. I have one good review – from my sister’s boyfriend: he says you don’t need to cook every night as eating out is cheap, & done – no dishes: DAILY. And I have one bad review – a beautiful & bond haired girl who went for a holiday, & was followed by an Asian man, & he got very forward, & she ended up running back to her hotel, crying.

    That’s all I know!!

    Congrats on marriage, & I love your space ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you so much for your nice words on the blog. Well, Singapore is a very nice place to live in. Well planned and well maintained..Yes, it is true that local food is very affordable. Unfortunately, eating outside does not apply to me as I am a vegetarian..and SG is a non-veg paradise..so cooking everyday here:) I find your blog wonderful..Since half of your life was painful, surely the second part of it will be fruitful and happy. Wish you and Daniel good luck and all happiness.

  8. Thanks very much again for the post you wrote for the Ligo Challenge – we’ve sorted out some problems and will be putting this in the online paper, and announcing your post in the ‘special mention’ shortly – superb posting. We’ll be running weekly with a slightly modified challenge – sorry about the bugs we spent time sorting out. http://ligoeditions.wordpress.com/. Please feel free to take and use our ‘special mention in dispatches’ logo, termed ‘Ligo Appreciation’ for your blog, should you wish. Thanks so much again.

  9. Padmini,

    I’ve read through many pages of your poetry. You have a beautiful voice! Thank you for your kind words in my blog.


  10. Dear Nightlake – sorry did not get back to you sooner.Here in Lappland am sometimes far from computer in duties, and give big gaps in replies. I see replies for comments also needed!
    And I never replied to your question regarding haibun. I would say go with your feelings if you have time to check them – but also enter yourself! I looked through them but cannot choose at the moment. In one hour will tell you which I really like to help. We should choose 3.
    For the monthly gift we should choose I think, you are also very much in thee running though Nighlake!
    Will be back.

    • Hi Pirate, Thank you so much for this. Sent you an email regarding my three choices for this week in your email id. Hope that is okay. I did not enter this week though. now it is too late..

    • Hello Pirate, Thank you for publishing my write-up along with this week’s suggestions..would you like to link it to their post? Had an idea..If writers are given the choice of fiction, poetry or haibun, could it attract more entries to the challenge? just a thought..

      • Thanks very much – will link. I decided just to go with your choices, and once I had, why not keep your very nice comments – and hard work.
        I think it’s great to have suggestions from you, really is, like a breath of fresh air. Do you mean each week they could have a choice how to write the prompt? Let’s take your idea and look at it in many ways. 1. would they always have to do a haiku or not? 2. Would you like to “guest host” the “Ligo” challenge now and then on your site and of course then adapt requirements accordingly (sending you little blue frog is easy, very). I think at the moment they can write any of the categories with haiku, except poetry. We could do ‘specials’ maybe with different requirements. I;m open to all. I quite like the haibun format though sometimes think people write a lot! I thought it was a bit different..more people, yes,I should send the link to more people. Woops…getting long…will email from now!

      • Hello Pirate, Thank you for this. I think ‘specials’ once a month is a great idea while still retaining the haibun format. Thanks so much for considering and looking at the different options. I am not supposed to submit, right?

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  13. Oh submit Nightlake! Sorry, didn’t see your comment before! Just only vote for yourself now and then! think penny/kz/eric this week. sorry am so sporadic..will improve communication..

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  16. Thanks so much for Haibun invite. I wasn’t familiar with the form but brushed up on it – thanks for the link – it certainly looks interesting. No sure if I will participate but will definitely give it some thought. Thanks again!

  17. Hi there, You are in Singapore as well? how is it in Singapore so far?
    loving poems as its a way of expressing one feelings through words .. love it.. use to write poems but I’ve stopped it now.


    • Hi David, Thank you ever so much for this. It is a big thing for me since it comes from an amazing writer. I’ll take up the first one if possible. Well….A Western agent goes to North Korea, posing as a journalist with a big newspaper. He is so drawn to the language, culture and people that he relinquishes his job of ten years, jingoistic girlfriend and country. Since it is a dangerous job, would his abandonment have dangerous consequences too? Characters are his friends in Korea: two kids in the neighbourhood (twins), his cat and a college professor (who is a local agent, unknown to the hero)…Well, if it is too time-consuming, I’d go for the second or fourth one:) Thank you!

      • Wow, that sounds like a great premise for a story. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will start thinking about it now and get going on it as soon as I can. I’ll let you know when I’m about to post it and credit you for the idea at the beginning of the story. Are you thinking he goes to live in North Korea? Is he a spy who wants to defect? I’ll flesh out the details; I just wanted to get an idea what you were thinking.

      • Thank you so much for accepting it:) Yes, I was thinking of North Korea and he is indeed from the secret service. I don’t know yet which western country he belongs to. Of course, there are other characters besides these people:) and in the end humanity wins over nationalism and jingoism or something similar to that.. but that is up to your choice:)

  18. Sorry to intrude here, but has the Haibun Challenge been discontinued?
    AnElephant is starting to enjoy it!
    And congratulations on a great blog here.
    Your writing is excellent.

    • Hi Elephant, The haibun challenge would reappear shortly. It is just that the two of us are holding the challenge. The other panellist is really busy with work, and we have to decide together on the special mentions and the next week’s topics. I am glad that you asked about it and have taken an interest in writing haibun:) Thank you so much for reading and much appreciate your interest.

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  20. Hi nightlake, Thank you so much for spending your time to dropped by on my blog and for appreciating my poems as well. Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚



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  22. One of my favorites is ”My love is like a red red rose” Did you know Robert Burns wrote this as a song, but it is often published as a poem. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  25. Hi nightlake, nice to meet you and your wonderful stories and poetry – couldn’t stop reading!
    Thanks for visiting our blog and for the ‘like’ on the post about mind stories. We write quite frequently about the inner journey of being nomadic.

  26. You (I believe as I have tried to find the correct person) have tried to access a blog that is not open. My icon does not go to my current blog.
    From the about page of my active blog.
    “If you are trying to follow my icon โ€“ a) It goes to a private closed site. b) If I have to hunt you down to try and find out who you are, or I canโ€™t find you โ€“ do not expect to gain access. c) If you have found my current active site via the WP Reader, you will have a better chance of getting a reply from me if you leave a comment on the post you have visited.”
    My current active blog can be accessed only by going to posts such as:
    fait des beaux rรชves

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