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Gaze and Marvel

What stronger feeling

could surpass

the momentary amazement

when you look

at the soft colors

in their dainty glory?


Would you perhaps

gaze, marvel

and feel gratified

that you belong to

the same world

that they do?


Watch a bee trying

to find a gap between

the two beauties and struggling

to decide on his best partner

I Wish…

I wish I were a fresh rose,

Which proudly blossomed yesterday

Swarmed by thirsty bees

Loved by all


What is it to live a hundred years?

Ignored and uncared for

Than to a live a few hours

And wither away

Admired and loved by all

Their Share of the Rose

Everyone wants their share

Of the slick yellow rose

The dew drops are positioned

To glide over the glossy petals

The panting wind lingers

Taking in the fragrance

Birds wait for their turn

To take a closer look

At the eye-catching beauty

The slowly withering rose

Only waits for the bee

To have its share

Before it fades away