Rainbow and the Librarian

library cat


Where was it now? Rainbow nudged an old copy of Oliver Twist. The powder was stashed on the first page of the second chapter. I offered it to Rainbow, the cat. He shook his head sternly. I shrugged and inhaled it. Heavenly! He winked at me and smiled with closed lips. I was on high while Rainbow scratched the books under Healthy Recipes. It was evening; I began to grow restless. I searched in the children’s picture books for my powder. “Rainbow, find it for me.” The window was open. Had he escaped? Was there a Rainbow at all?

This week, in Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, we are required to write a story in 99 words about a library cat named Rainbow who escapes.

11 thoughts on “Rainbow and the Librarian

  1. I do believe I’ve experienced an altered state of mind a time or two. I guess questioning one’s sanity can be a good thing,but I just remember being quite worried. 🙂 Loved this short piece, my friend.

    • She is a lonely librarian who never gets any customers. So, she stays active with her ‘powder’ and an imaginary (or perhaps real) Rainbow. Thank you for coming over, Avery.

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