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Rainbow and the Librarian

library cat


Where was it now? Rainbow nudged an old copy of Oliver Twist. The powder was stashed on the first page of the second chapter. I offered it to Rainbow, the cat. He shook his head sternly. I shrugged and inhaled it. Heavenly! He winked at me and smiled with closed lips. I was on high while Rainbow scratched the books under Healthy Recipes. It was evening; I began to grow restless. I searched in the children’s picture books for my powder. “Rainbow, find it for me.” The window was open. Had he escaped? Was there a Rainbow at all?

This week, in Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, we are required to write a story in 99 words about a library cat named Rainbow who escapes.

The Old Library


The creaky staircase,

which has not seen paint in years

and the dark path

on which powerful eyes stumble

lead to an old library

filled with ancient books,

rats feed on the countless

pages of knowledge and entertainment,

authors valued centuries ago

lie torn amongst

mice, bugs and roaches

in a dusty old building