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Rainbow and the Librarian

library cat


Where was it now? Rainbow nudged an old copy of Oliver Twist. The powder was stashed on the first page of the second chapter. I offered it to Rainbow, the cat. He shook his head sternly. I shrugged and inhaled it. Heavenly! He winked at me and smiled with closed lips. I was on high while Rainbow scratched the books under Healthy Recipes. It was evening; I began to grow restless. I searched in the children’s picture books for my powder. “Rainbow, find it for me.” The window was open. Had he escaped? Was there a Rainbow at all?

This week, in Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, we are required to write a story in 99 words about a library cat named Rainbow who escapes.

A Strange Sight

The roads were strangely

devoid of humans

Birds perched on windowsills,

looking trustfully

at empty houses

A cat penetrated

every step crossing her path,

her powerful eyes

glowing more with hunger


The humans were scattered,

some in cold offices,

others in lottery houses

and a few at the cash machine,

all of them with the same thought