Friday Fictioneers – The Statue


Dave’s wife walked away, fervently taking pictures of a parade in the vicinity. He had seen too many parades in his life. As he strolled around, his legs stopped in front of a gallery, eyes glued to the statue of a security man. It was an exact replica of a youthful Dave, even the uniform. Some passers-by looked curiously at the statue and Dave, recognising the identical features, despite his wrinkles.

Dave sat down, stunned, in front of the gallery. Was this just a coincidence? He had retired after 40 years of service with no pension and unappreciative employers. Now he felt strangely vindicated.

Written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Pirate for the photo.

64 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Statue

      • (A small contribution – hope you don’t mind)

        Whenever Joan narrated her dream, Jack would laugh it off.

        “Honey,” Jack would say, “they didn’t have female soldiers back then.”

        After retirement, on their first visit to Europe, they chanced upon a large crowd jostling around a statue of a soldier.

        Jack lost his wife in the crowd, which quickly melted away, leaving him utterly alone.

        For a moment, fear gripped his heart but he heard Joan and turned with a sigh.

        The statue held and drew him to its exquisite workmanship, resplendent uniform and –

        “The eyes,” with a small gasp, Jack slunk to the ground. “Joan.”

  1. I like that, and if I was Dave I’d want to track down the sculptor and find out the story behind it – and perhaps he could charge the tourists to take his picture next to the statue? That way he might at least get something out of it 🙂

  2. Really like your story – such an original idea and different take on the prompt. I can’t help feeling that poor Dave is being exploited again – no pension, and now his image is being used for others’ entertainment or profit. Maybe that’s just the pessimist in me.

    • That is certainly one way of looking at this:) But I am not sure if the statue was put up by his employers or if it was a coincidence. Though his future actions are yet to be seen, at least for now he derives some kind of a non-monetary satisfaction. He was a security officer and this statue is exactly how he wants to be identified in the future. But, if he is in need of money, he could pose with the statue and make money (as Trudy said in the comment above:)) Thank you so much, Sarah Ann

  3. A kind of acknowledgement, but without his knowledge or permission aren’t his employers using him yet again?
    Well written and thought provoking, great take on the prompt Padmini

    • He is on a tour with his wife (who has gone away with a camera:)) And as far as he is concerned, he thinks the statue is a coincidence. When there are millions of security men around, it is his face in statue, which would tell the future generation that this is what an ideal (or model) security officer looks like. Of course, no money in this for him. But, depends on how he looks at it. Thank you, Dee:)

  4. what, no pension? 😦 hmmmn a really sad story. that man really deserved a statue. great story, it makes us think of so many others who deserve to be recognized for their service and loyalty but weren’t

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