Unrest (Part 2) – Picture it & Write


Friends, This story is a continuation of my previous story with the same title. This was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

Mary fell down as she limped ahead. But, she gathered herself and walked to the doctor’s bunker. The doctor opened his eyes to the sound of footsteps and touched the gun beneath his pillow. He identified Mary’s voice when she called out to him.

“Why have you come here?” he asked her, looking around.

“My son is very ill, Tony. You have got to help me.”

Tony disappeared into the bunker after he listened to the symptoms. He examined some tablets in the dim torch light.

“He is to take one tablet thrice a day.” He thrust the tablets into her hand. “I will drop in as soon as possible. Now hurry.”

Mary’s legs hurt as she tried to move fast. She heaved a sigh of relief as she reached her bunker.

Her son, Rod, felt the tablets. They were soft and spongy. He chewed one as Mary fetched the water.

“It tastes so good. I don’t need water.” he mumbled.

After two minutes, Rod fell down, dead.

Continued in Part 3.

17 thoughts on “Unrest (Part 2) – Picture it & Write

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  2. Oh wow. I wasn’t expecting that ending! How abrupt. Yikes, I hope there aren’t too many doctors like that (ideally none) prescribing such dangerous medicines. Thanks for contributing this week! 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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