Unrest (Part 3) – Friday Fictioneers

Copyright - Sarah Ann Hall

Copyright – Sarah Ann Hall

This short story was written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers. It is a continuation of my previous two stories. You can find Part 1 and Part 2 here.

The doctor waited in the bushes to meet Sal. Nobody knew Sal’s full name. He knew all the happenings in both the enemy camps.

“Did you give those fake pills to Mary?” Sal asked.

“Yes.” said Tony.

“We learnt that Mary’s husband wants to go back to her. He is too valuable a soldier to lose.” said Sal. He outlined their plan for a few more minutes before walking away.

Tony stood there, looking at him. He had betrayed the government and turned to the rebels for the safety of his family. But, he could not be untrue to his profession. He had given Mary the required pills to cure infection.

Mary looked at those tablets. She had made a quick decision while hurrying from Tony’s bunker. She had thrown away the pills given by him. Her heart condition, which she had kept from everybody else, was getting worse. She could not imagine the plight of her children left to the enemy’s mercy.

With both her children dead, it was her turn now. She chewed the sweet pill.

59 thoughts on “Unrest (Part 3) – Friday Fictioneers

    • I am not sure if I’d continue with it. Thanks kindly for the encouragement. Also, thank you so very much for reading all the three parts. It requires patience:)

  1. Life is a sadness in many aspects while people struggle to do what’s expected of them and what’s right (within themselves). Your continuing story conveys both these aspects very well my friend! Well written!

  2. I have to admit that I read part 3, having jumped here from Friday Fictioneers linkz… but I went back and read the first two parts, and it made more sense that way. You’re doing a nice bit of juggling with continuing the story through different photo prompts. It’s a suspenseful story, and Mary’s desperation comes through.

  3. She had some difficult decisions to make and you did a good job of portraying that. It would be difficult to decide what to do about the children in that situation and I know there have been parents throughout the centuries who have made the same decision as she did.


    • Yes, parents think that no one would take of their children once they are gone. Many of them make this decision, though a few desperately want their children to live and be successful. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, Janet

  4. oh that was so sad… but brilliantly done… i’m glad i got to read part 1,2,3 at the same day or the suspense would’ve driven me mad ^^

      • I did go back and read the other two. She chewed the sweet pill is a chilling line even if you just read the third part, but when you read all three together it provokes greater emotional involvement in the tragedy.

        I also like how you placed links at the start so people can easily read the prior installments.

  5. Like some others, I read the three installments–if you decide to go on with the story, the doctor, with his conflicts, would make a good main character. Will miss brave Mary, though.

  6. There is so much going on in this story, and the earlier parts. I can understand Mary’s decision but would like to know more about the motives of Sal and Tony.

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