25 thoughts on “The Statue

      • Well, the statue fits the Haiku and the Haiku fits the statue. lol It’s nice to put a picture with your creation.
        PLUS I learned about Morguefile and will have fun looking there. 🙂

        Another question: What is the “pay per click” on your page? I’m afraid to click.

  1. I love this piece Padmini, of course I seem to love everything you write, I guess it does come down to your having a beautiful gift which you bestow so generously on all of us! Thank you, Penny

      • Yes – in your poetry there is a lot. My comment about Industrialisation against nature is true if you see the statue representing industrialisation and read the haiku again, with nature = storm, plants. This gives the haiku two levels – which of course is wonderful. ”rusty stone heart bleeds” is quite amazing.

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