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The Last Words


(This poem explores the male point of view)


The autumn flowers were easing away

as were his desires

He sat by the lake

when she came

late by two hours

She started the quarrel, as always,

before he could utter a word

for she had already planned it

She now had her sight on

another man with an overtly big purse

and better prospects

He knew her thoughts

from her eyes

and looked on scornfully

as she uttered the last words

and walked away

She had won

and he had lost,

but so had that concept called love

The Beauty

She takes away the world

with a small glance

and they remain intoxicated

They do not hear her words,

refuse to understand her

and fail to recognize her talent

just gazing and admiring


Scared at first

then amused

and later taking it for granted

She succumbs to the admiration

Letting go the opportunities

Comfortable with her life

Glued to her admirers

The treasure of her mighty talent ignored