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The New Party – Alastair’s Photo Fiction


“Shall we have the spinning wheel as a symbol for our new party?” asked Harry

“No. We’ll have the laptop.” said Bill

“The spinning wheel symbolizes hard work.”

“And the laptop means speed, technology and modernization.”

“50 per cent representation for women?” asked Harry, hopefully

“Ha! No way. No representations. Let them make their way in with hard work.” said Bill, with finality

“We will call it, ‘Workers’ Reformist Party’”

“No! It’d be, ‘The Trendy Modern Party’”

“There needs to be a reduction in defence expenditure.”

“Of course not. The defence gets the maximum priority. Now, coming to the foreign policy..”

“Forget it! I’ll start my own party and you can push on with yours.”

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.