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Unrest (Part 1) – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

alastair photo fiction

Mary walked stealthily, her legs throbbing with pain. Yet, this was the right time. She had to reach for the doctor before dawn.  Her children were sleeping in the underground bunker, her youngest still very sick. They had taken to underground bunkers from the time when civil unrest plunged their country into chaos. Her husband was with the opposing ideologists. She heard that he had married someone else now and was living a life of opulence. But, she refused to deviate from her support of the overthrown government.

Mary clutched her heart as a bullet flew, narrowly missing her. It was probably her husband or one of the rebels, she thought wretchedly. She looked at the sky, fearfully. The dawn was breaking through. She hurried to the doctor’s bunker, limping.

This was written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

Disregard War


(Just an opinion against war)

Do not ever thirst for war, friends

Do not seek the ‘reversal’ of world maps

Substitute distaste for tolerance

and replace loathing with empathy


Spare a thought about the land destroyed by war

The heavenly landscape turned into a desert

Look at how the defeated are treated,

Women dishonoured and children slighted

The vanquished will tell you

that they do not seek glory anymore,

their half-dead spirits

only want to be left in peace

Your eyes that closed in a prayer for your country’s victory

would then brim with tears for your enemy

and you will become one of them

All of the civilised humanity united

against the enemy called war