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Cupid’s Fancy



Cupid enters the world

to play with hearts

and unsuspecting people

until his fancy

finds fulfilment,

but smitten by the

glowing earth, he falls

a prey to his own fancies,

decides to dwell here,

sharing his charm and art

with the most deserving of all

Picture it & Write – Ray & Rita

ermilia's picture it & write

Ray was lost in nostalgia as he looked into his drink. He was 22 when he met Rita in the same club on a valentine’s day. She was dressed in simple clothes, a sharp contrast to other attractive women.  As he saw her eyes through her glasses, he felt that he was peeping into her soul. They met at the same club till she learnt that he was a millionaire. After that, Rita slowly started distancing herself. She met him one final day, saying that she was going to pursue her masters’ degree in some other city.  Then, he never heard from her.

Ray could not trace her, despite searching every university in the city she had mentioned. Since Rita had never spoken about her friends, he was further doomed. He had met many intelligent and attractive women after her, but was not even remotely interested. None of his friends who frequented the club had seen her either. Sometimes, Ray doubted if he had imagined the whole thing. He wondered if Rita would come back if she knew that he had donated most of his wealth to fledgling charities.

He sighed, as he saw young couples dancing away. He visited this club every valentine’s day. He was 62 and sill single. Forever single…

This was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.