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The River



Sun rises solely

to serenade the river

and the river spreads

towards the shore

while demurely watching the sun

Trees enjoy this rendezvous,

thoroughly entertained,

till dusk enters the scene

That Creature

Don’t stroll alone

in the shadowy dark world

for you will be noticed by unseen eyes


The same eyes that quivered

upon sighting the ghost in a misty tree,

which looked serene and heavenly in the day


Those eyes have witnessed

nefarious activities carried out

in the shade of darkness


Those eyes belong to

that creepy creature,

which knows everything

that goes on in the other world

The Missing Forest

Where is that dense forest

inhabited by palm, birch and maple trees?

Co-existing with their delicate leaves, fragrant flowers,

surrounded by tiny plants and thick vegetation


They were all cut down

and those who resisted

were burnt down


In their place now exists

modern buildings and uncaring hearts

throbbing only for printed papers

known as money


Those who survived the fire

still exist in the form of houses, furniture,

beauty products and lifesaving medicines

Dreadful Night

In the darkest of nights

cats cried out in alarm

and birds whimpered with them

forming a strange music

Trees stood unnaturally still

unaffected by the wind


I felt my bed shake

and a whisper in the covers

the voice of a ghost

asking for a place

amongst the living

Under the Dark Branches

As I stood under the dark trees

I feared the branches

Imagining slimy creatures

And creepy insects hiding deep inside


The moon moved restlessly

Finally finding its place above the branches

Revealing flawless leaves

Sending soft breeze my way

Rendering my fears meaningless

As I felt profound peace

One Afternoon

It was an afternoon

when birds in their nest swoon

that the sun forgot

to turn on its burning heat

It cast a warm light

to every being’s delight

Its warm glow

enveloping everything in yellow

Trees, plants and birds

half-asleep, soaked in the mild sun

and humans pausing to stare

hoping for its good temper to last

forgetting the aura of twilight for a while

Never-Ending Road

I traveled down the never-ending road,

surrounded by heavy trees,

as huge branches leapt forward

trying to kiss the window,

but were swept back to their place

by some unseen force.

Love birds, feeding each other,

peeked from their hiding,

to stare at the strange vehicle.


A small pond invited the gaze

with irresistible clear water

and huge hills occupied the way forward,

magnificent, untouchable and mystical.