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Exposed by the Moon

The tall tree finally at rest

from the scorching sun

and cruel heat as it

breathes with the chilly breeze

of the cold night


The tree wakes up in alarm

as the full moon once again

exposes its shiny leaves,

luscious fruits and warm nest

to the waiting eyes

of the eager world


Dogs bark in unison,

birds ruffle the leaves and

humans count the fruits,

thus disrupting the

peace of tall tree

without any concern.

Unrelenting Rain

The cold rain

Wakes the slumbering tree

And mighty birds flee

With noisy clamour

As people rush for shelter

Leaving tiny plants

To shiver the wrath of shower

The furious and unrelenting rain

Pours over every life, every structure

And withdraws in unexpected haste

Is it overcome by fatigue?

Or perhaps by sympathy?

As it waits for yet another day

To unleash its fury