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Snow and Leaf

Soft flakes melt on the plant’s skin

just like how your honeyed words

melt my agitated soul

I want to be that young leaf

that takes your icy surface,

warms your inner self,

melts with you

and falls with you to the ground

Color and Fragrance

The trees welcome you

with different shades of Green,

Grey, Orange and bright Yellow

rivalling flowers to display their beauty

They radiate a unique fragrance

of leaves, adjoining flowers

and the thick roots

Take a deep breath

fill yourself with this enticing fragrance

on your way to the destination,

store it deep in your heart

and hold it secure

till you visit the next time

Nameless Tree

It was a very dark night

when I was lost in the forest

I felt relieved as I spotted a huge tree

and sat down under it

The tree moved all of a sudden,

taking long strides with muddy legs

It paused hastily

and bent down to take a look

with wild, hungry eyes

and I stared into the face of a dinosaur

There was a hollow laugh somewhere

and the animal jumped around the forest


The plants nearby

were in fact small dinosaurs

and they stood up giggling

and spewing venom

as I sat transfixed

Windy Evening

The wild wind goads the faded leaves

from the safety of the grassland

to the busy road

The traveling milkman

whistles carelessly

letting the wind make

a new path for his cycle

Busy commuters forget

their mechanical schedule

to take a momentary peak at

the trees dancing with abandon

Slimy, Slippery Object

The tree froze as a slimy object

Entered its empire

Disguised in the colour of leaves,

the object slipped inside

and leaves shook as they recognized

a heavy, lengthy reptile in their midst


The reptile peeped at a rose flower

and in a moment swallowed the small bee

The flower shrank and the reptile sneered in distaste

Climbing down the unappetising, vast area

Leaving the tree in peace

Red-Orange Flames

One day the tree stood lush green

and all of a sudden

it was aflame with red and orange,

inspiring busy travellers to gaze

at those vivid colours of nature


The flowers absorbed the sun’s sparkles

during the day and

gelled easily with the night

Their majestic beauty evident

to admiring eyes

Under the Mango Tree

It was not the grating sunlight

But the benevolent moonlight

That the lovers sought

As they huddled together


The mango tree listened, amused,

As they spoke of their dreams,

Future and lingering aspirations

The envious big bird listened too

And spitefully pushed a heavy fruit,

Which missed its target

And fell neatly in front of them

They looked up and thanked the tree

Their thirst satiated


The leaves shook

With silent laughter

At the startled bird

The tree said, ‘Love can never be ridiculed

And lovers are never discouraged’

Those Birds

Those birds in the park

Some chirping joyously

Some croaking lazily

Some moaning piteously


Perched on a tree

They share tales of their misery

Tales of promises and treachery

Those we hardly understand

Still so similar to our own


The tree, enriched with

proud young leaves

and thriving pink flowers,

stands bereft of its wealth

within a blink of the eye


The fertile land

is robbed of its enviable

lush grass with a

change in the season


The nature points to the

impermanence of life.

Accomplish all that you have to,

for you may never know

what may next befall you.

Act fast and work fast                                                                                 

for we may not be there

to see the next day.