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Last Night



The last night of 2012 takes with it

sorrows, malice and pain,

cuts envy, swallows greed,

injects optimism in worry and cools anger

And a bright new day opens up

as innocent as a child,

which imbibes its teachings

Is it to be fed with kindness and optimism?

or frustrations and misgivings?

The first day waits

Lilac Tree

Let me rest in your vicinity

for a while

Let me take in your enchanting perfume

if only for a moment,

to recover my rallying thoughts

Let my eyes rest on your beauty,

to calm my restless heart


Let me relax just a while,

before I return

to the monotony of the world


The pale face hides throbbing desires,

which seeks escape and freedom

to the other world


The cast down eyes dreads looking up

for the fear of its unappreciated dreams

disappearing in the world’s chaos


The limbs aching to get away

from the prison of monotony

to a land of tolerance and acceptance