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When the Light Barged in

I stood in the corner

of my tiny room,

scared of the light

that followed me

wherever I went.

I pulled my curtains,

hiding inside, holding

on to darkness, taking

comfort in misery

when sunlight crept in

through the tiny opening

in my curtains.

Terrified of the light,

I buried my face in

my hands.

Sunlight colored my fingertips,

pricking my eyelids.

I felt the light

with closed eyes,

flooded by its warmth,

its positivity and grandeur.

No longer fearful,

I shed the comfort of darkness

and stepped on

the path of light.

The River



Sun rises solely

to serenade the river

and the river spreads

towards the shore

while demurely watching the sun

Trees enjoy this rendezvous,

thoroughly entertained,

till dusk enters the scene

The Fireball

The fireball reflected in a placid lake

illuminates the entire area

The early sun

does not burn

but in its youth and innocence,

the sun lights up

each object of nature

and with boundless curiosity

visits unexplored places


After the magical mist passes

and each object has been discovered,

the sun remembers its true purpose

now old and wise,

it burns the world with all its might

Trembling Earth

The tired sky stared at the earth

having nothing to give

Bereft of energy

and spirit


The warmth of the earth

turned into a burn

The sun pierced the land

cutting it to dry pieces


Unable to bear the crushing weight

of so many beings

the earth shook

and erupted one day,

which the world called earthquake


The sky hid behind clouds

too powerless to help

the trembling earth

Land of Agony

It was night and night all around

the sun refused to glare at the land

and moon feared to shine


A land of failure, it was called

Cursed by nature and God

Every living thing had a poor growth

Grasses looked pale

and flowers blossomed black


The land of agony

waits for a day

the obstinate sun would turn the force

of its orange glow

the moon would take pity

and display its bright beauty

the black sky would turn blue forever

bringing with it all the good fortune

Yellow Haze

The river with its never-ending patience

silently listens to the secrets

of the secretive moon

and bears the wrath

of the arrogant sun

only to lay eyes

on the yellow haze

enveloping the river and surroundings

in its melting warmth


The mild warmth,

a pleasure to the eyes and the skin,

survives only a few precious minutes

before vanishing in the breeze,

leaving curious eyes in a daze

to crave for its return

Opening Up

The flower opens up

as the sun casts its

golden gaze, focusing its entire energy

on the fearless flower


Are they both in a romantic medley?

Or a vicious confrontation?

Nobody knows as the sun’s stare

refuses greedy eyes the right

to gaze at the elegant beauty

Make Way

The sun was there for everybody,

overstaying, sneering at every living

and non-living thing


As the clouds moved in

to grace the thirsty

earth with water,

the sun stared them away


When the moon tried to

bath the land with her glow,

the sun angrily glared her away


Finally, the stars pushed themselves

forward, taking with them the night,

and the sulking sun was involuntarily

pushed back