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Ligo Haibun Challenge – Home At Last

Copyright - Meme

Copyright – Meme

The snake crawled fearfully over the railings and the walls. All creatures were hostile to him and he feared their fear. Then, he felt his beloved tree and leapt over it effortlessly. The king had reached his state at last. The tree relaxed and the snake nestled in the warmth.

Destination bound..

restless fear follows

his every movement

Slimy, Slippery Object

The tree froze as a slimy object

Entered its empire

Disguised in the colour of leaves,

the object slipped inside

and leaves shook as they recognized

a heavy, lengthy reptile in their midst


The reptile peeped at a rose flower

and in a moment swallowed the small bee

The flower shrank and the reptile sneered in distaste

Climbing down the unappetising, vast area

Leaving the tree in peace