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Funeral Flowers

I was born to be a funeral flower

to be placed on wreaths

I lose my sparkle to the tearful faces

and my fragrance to lifeless forms

I am a part of the environment,

the face of grief


The bridal flowers pity me,

and I tell them,

“You are just an addition to the joy

But I am a source of comfort

I am not here to allure

or be admired

I am here to honor

The beings gone to the other world

I am the sole spark of life

in countless graves.”

Being Lonely

I thought that loneliness was bliss

Until you left me

The lifeless house

And the threatening noise of the fan

Disturbing my unspoken thoughts

Distractions no longer entertain

My unfocused mind

I realized that silence is golden

Only for those on the other side

I got what I wanted

Only to fight looming misery

Waiting desperately for your return

When you would ask for silence