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Friday Fictioneers – The Boardwalk



Detective Banks surveyed the boardwalk. Three people were reported missing, last seen near the boardwalk. He recalled one of their names. Charmaine! She was described as having red hair and blue eyes, apparently wearing a yellow dress. Banks cautiously stepped on the boardwalk. It seemed strong enough. He walked ahead with confidence. Just as he was about to jump into the soft sand, the boardwalk cracked. Banks found himself falling deep down into what looked like a cave. The last thing he saw before hitting a rock was a skeleton with a yellow skirt and red hair covering its skull.

Written for friday fictioneers. Photo by Renee Homan Heath

Friday Fictioneers



I saw that photo in Rustom’s house. I was enraptured by the worn-out photo, having seen it in newspapers.

‘Yes, this was the photo found in the burnt house. People believe that this is the cause of fire. How ridiculous!” laughed Rustom.

“Why did you bring it here?”

“I am going to show the world that this photo has nothing to do with the accidents and fire.”

I lay in my bed, thinking about the photo. Arguing with Rustom was pointless. He never listened to anybody. Suddenly, I felt breathless. Smoke! As I stumbled against the table, I saw the photo. It was too late as I realized that the photo chose its victims, not the other way around.

Written for Friday Fictioneers. Photo by Rochelle.