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Two Sides – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

photo fiction

Jase rowed slowly; his eyes filled with pain, thirst and hunger. He laughed aloud. Out of desperation, he had drunk the seawater a few minutes ago.  He could see a whale eying him from a distance. No, it was just a dolphin, which held something in its mouth. A box! Jase reached out and grasped the box, almost dropping it. Some patterns were engraved on the lid. He opened the lid easily.  Upon glancing at the contents, Jase shaded his eyes. The box was divided into two parts. On the left side were sparkling diamonds, emeralds and other jewels. On the right side was a package. He opened the package to find a bottle of water and candies.  Jase gulped the water thirstily and gorged the candies.  He reached for the bottle again and noticed a paper sticking on it.

It said, ‘One side of the partition belongs to you and the other to the sea’

With renewed energy, Jase looked at the box for the last time. He took the package containing the remaining candies, closed the lid shut and threw the box into the sea.

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Picture it & Write



The following was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write

Alvin had been swimming for the past two days. But, he hardly felt exhausted. His heart was burdened with grief though. He had lost his ship and the entire crew to the devastating storm. His captain as among the last to fall. Alvin could still see his best mates, old hands and some new crew members struggling for their lives. He thought that he was going to die too, but was just briefly unconscious. He cursed his strong constitution and his fighting spirit. Land at last! He could see sailors on the shore as sun sparkled in the sea. All he had to do was swim for a few more minutes. Alvin could feel conflicting emotions war within him as he took a deep breath. He forced his body to be still and sank deep into the sea.

Anticipation and Acceptance


A small drop fell down hesitantly

looking for acceptance

and the reaction was intense

as hot sand coiled together

The sea halted its waves for a second

to listen to the distant thunder

Busy passers stopped midway

only to send up a soft prayer

and a girl jumped up in glee

preparing to dance with the heavy rainfall


The gold fish in the restricted aquarium

constantly kept his mouth open.

Was that to breathe or eat?

Perhaps that, or perhaps the desire

of tasting the seawater to which

he once belonged


He could have been a prey

to sharks or killer whales,

but the dangers of the deep sea

seemed trivial to this prisoner

of comfort who longed for his freedom

in the salty ocean


The gentle wave breezes through the shore

Washing many a legs, bringing in wet sand

Lending an alluring fragrance

Though always taking its way back

Making many long for its return.

One day it rushed on with fierce intensity

Moving on till it could not find its way back

Causing devastation it was unaware of.

It has taken with it the hopes of fishermen

The dreams of young and the joys of children.

It would take a long time

For the damage to be salvaged

And the trust to be regained.