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She held the rose

As they walked close

Heading to the station

Their steps slow with reluctance and caution

They stared at each other

Him on the platform, her on the train

He was still left staring

Amongst the crowds, jostling


It was the rose that she held tight

As she was pushed

And her bag was crushed

Holding to the still fresh rose

The sole remainder of his love

She slept in a seated position

And woke with a start at her destination

Her tears left many wondering

Was it for the withered rose?

Or for her lover miles apart?

Their Share of the Rose

Everyone wants their share

Of the slick yellow rose

The dew drops are positioned

To glide over the glossy petals

The panting wind lingers

Taking in the fragrance

Birds wait for their turn

To take a closer look

At the eye-catching beauty

The slowly withering rose

Only waits for the bee

To have its share

Before it fades away

A Thought

I felt the silky rose whisper

Something to the enchanted lover

And I recall your warmth

As you stood over my piano

Strolled in the patio

Was it your generous smile?

Or your dignified allure?

And your unforgiving temper

With your kind eyes

Turning into scathing ice

Was it your earnest approach?

Pleading for solidarity

Fearful of mockery

I await the click of your shoes

As the rose continues to whisper

The Blushing Rose

The rose blossomed with a blush

Wondering at the greenery and lush

Drifting with the cool breeze

Leaning towards the eager bees

Soaking in the warmth of the day

Terrified of approaching footsteps

Threatening to tear it away

Desiring mild dewdrops

To recapture its youth

And revive its mystifying charm

Alarmed at the abrupt storm

Drenching it to a new shape

Pulling on its petals

And pouring torrents of rain

Determined to dislodge it from the stem

The rose resolutely intact

Yearning desperately for silence

And pleading for lingering peace