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The River



Sun rises solely

to serenade the river

and the river spreads

towards the shore

while demurely watching the sun

Trees enjoy this rendezvous,

thoroughly entertained,

till dusk enters the scene

Yellow Haze

The river with its never-ending patience

silently listens to the secrets

of the secretive moon

and bears the wrath

of the arrogant sun

only to lay eyes

on the yellow haze

enveloping the river and surroundings

in its melting warmth


The mild warmth,

a pleasure to the eyes and the skin,

survives only a few precious minutes

before vanishing in the breeze,

leaving curious eyes in a daze

to crave for its return

The Holy River

A river travels in the corner of a town

Seldom visited and rarely spoken about

Neither picturesque nor explored

Those who take a dip

Portray a rare shine


They told me,

‘This is the place to wash your pain,

Your envy, greed and cruelty

Emerge to a new world of purity

The river would bury the world’s sorrows

Deep and deep inside

and rise up untarnished and pure.’