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You moved away from me

as we differed in race, religion and nationality

You branded me a bigot

and I considered you dishonest

Little did I hear of your fairness

and you did not know my open-mindedness


Words brought us together

Internet bonded us

We realized that our thoughts were the same

Our ideas were similar

far more than the people

who belonged to our race, religion and nationality

Religion and Free Thinking

Is religion the sole basis for morality? There are many people who refrain from committing immoral acts because their religion forbids them to. The threat of hell acts as a strong motivator in preventing crimes of the serious order.

It is true that many religious texts contain fables that teach honesty and propagate acts of kindness. They act as a means for preaching good values to the young at an early age. However, no religious text should be taken as a complete guide for leading life.  Every faith insists that it is the only path to heaven. Some of these texts also contain verses which would seem intolerant in today’s society. Followers should take into consideration the day and age in which these books were written and use their own discretion before condemning those who are not in sync with these faiths. Some texts also have verses that encourage violence. Staunch followers not only turn more intolerant but also contribute to destruction in the world.

Why do educated grown-up people need religious texts as a guide to their lives? They should be able to distinguish the good from the bad. Kindness is an act that comes from within and no threat of hell should enforce it. If people need to answer anyone at the end of a day, it is their conscience. After all, is not conscience the biggest God?