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Chosen Time


The queen of flowers

Unfolds her petals with a flourish

Open to the gentle warmth

Shying away from rain

She shivers from cold

Shrinking from winter

Also withering from summer

She seeks slight breeze

and longs for a mild sun

The early day is her chosen time

A Gift

Do not give your lover a diamond ring

It would fuel her greed

making her ask for more

Do not give her expensive gadgets

She might frown and say,

‘That was not so romantic’

Do not give her a watch

She might not like the model

Do not go for luxurious clothes either

She may eye them critically


Just try giving her a single rose

Bring out the creativity in her

And rekindle the innocence

It may mean nothing to you,

but a lot to her

Beauty lies in simplicity

And remember! A rose is never out of fashion

The Blue Rose

It was a sprightly day in June

and a blue rose blossomed in my garden

amidst full red roses


The tender blue rose

had dangerous thorns,

which pricked at the slightest touch

It survived the spring and the fall

and looked as silky

as the day on which it was born


One sunny day

it was suddenly gone

We looked all over the ground,

the walls and even in the next garden,

but it was not to be seen

and we never had a blue rose again

A Thought

I felt the silky rose whisper

Something to the enchanted lover

And I recall your warmth

As you stood over my piano

Strolled in the patio

Was it your generous smile?

Or your dignified allure?

And your unforgiving temper

With your kind eyes

Turning into scathing ice

Was it your earnest approach?

Pleading for solidarity

Fearful of mockery

I await the click of your shoes

As the rose continues to whisper