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Long Lost Gardens

The remaining flowers of the long-lost gardens

Still wait for the faint dew drops

The same way the ancestral flowers

Looked for drizzle

Slowly turning into wild showers

The rain that strengthens weak roots

and threatens delicate plants


The new flowers,

have faint lingering memories,

when they were still blooming

of old fading flowers,

slipping down on the night of a fierce storm

Peace at Last


Forget the fears of the day

and the pain of the noon,

live for that moment

before the night

when you own your time,

when the gentle wind beckons to you,

serene plants whisper,

warmth enters your being

and peaceful sleep takes you away

Trust and Harmony

I was at ease in the

darkest of nights,

a silent companion

to the sprouting insects

and nameless reptiles

gazing at the ancient branches

as they nodded to the delicate young plants

trust and peace in their countenance


I closed my eyes and mind

to the bristle of ghosts

unnerved by my presence


My feelings calm,

I conveyed my non-interference

let me live in a world of my own

while they dwelled in theirs

The Missing Forest

Where is that dense forest

inhabited by palm, birch and maple trees?

Co-existing with their delicate leaves, fragrant flowers,

surrounded by tiny plants and thick vegetation


They were all cut down

and those who resisted

were burnt down


In their place now exists

modern buildings and uncaring hearts

throbbing only for printed papers

known as money


Those who survived the fire

still exist in the form of houses, furniture,

beauty products and lifesaving medicines

One Afternoon

It was an afternoon

when birds in their nest swoon

that the sun forgot

to turn on its burning heat

It cast a warm light

to every being’s delight

Its warm glow

enveloping everything in yellow

Trees, plants and birds

half-asleep, soaked in the mild sun

and humans pausing to stare

hoping for its good temper to last

forgetting the aura of twilight for a while