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The New Party – Alastair’s Photo Fiction


“Shall we have the spinning wheel as a symbol for our new party?” asked Harry

“No. We’ll have the laptop.” said Bill

“The spinning wheel symbolizes hard work.”

“And the laptop means speed, technology and modernization.”

“50 per cent representation for women?” asked Harry, hopefully

“Ha! No way. No representations. Let them make their way in with hard work.” said Bill, with finality

“We will call it, ‘Workers’ Reformist Party’”

“No! It’d be, ‘The Trendy Modern Party’”

“There needs to be a reduction in defence expenditure.”

“Of course not. The defence gets the maximum priority. Now, coming to the foreign policy..”

“Forget it! I’ll start my own party and you can push on with yours.”

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

Beyond Reach


This is the last destination

of the wayward traveller,

Beyond the human reach,

these mountains

are frozen by destiny

as an immovable part of nature


We run and race

to touch and feel this

distant mirage,

but all we are allowed

is a fleeting glance

of this sculpted beauty

It is seemingly near

but too far for the human touch

Anticipation and Acceptance


A small drop fell down hesitantly

looking for acceptance

and the reaction was intense

as hot sand coiled together

The sea halted its waves for a second

to listen to the distant thunder

Busy passers stopped midway

only to send up a soft prayer

and a girl jumped up in glee

preparing to dance with the heavy rainfall

Those Birds

Those birds in the park

Some chirping joyously

Some croaking lazily

Some moaning piteously


Perched on a tree

They share tales of their misery

Tales of promises and treachery

Those we hardly understand

Still so similar to our own

Exposed by the Moon

The tall tree finally at rest

from the scorching sun

and cruel heat as it

breathes with the chilly breeze

of the cold night


The tree wakes up in alarm

as the full moon once again

exposes its shiny leaves,

luscious fruits and warm nest

to the waiting eyes

of the eager world


Dogs bark in unison,

birds ruffle the leaves and

humans count the fruits,

thus disrupting the

peace of tall tree

without any concern.