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Nameless Tree

It was a very dark night

when I was lost in the forest

I felt relieved as I spotted a huge tree

and sat down under it

The tree moved all of a sudden,

taking long strides with muddy legs

It paused hastily

and bent down to take a look

with wild, hungry eyes

and I stared into the face of a dinosaur

There was a hollow laugh somewhere

and the animal jumped around the forest


The plants nearby

were in fact small dinosaurs

and they stood up giggling

and spewing venom

as I sat transfixed

A Strange Night


Night is a delight

in the safety of a house

and the comfort of blissful sleep


It was a strange night

when I felt myself thrown down

by a compelling, unnatural force

towards a vast ocean

where razor teeth, acid stomach

and other nameless monsters of the ocean

waited for an object from the land

My eyes blinded from the wind

and heart with fear

the ocean seemed so near


I sat up, my heart thudding

and the darkness

seeped through every window

my dream incomplete