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Silent Night


Dead night

no breath except mine

cicada offers comfort

Hi Friends, Penny asked me to write a poem a few weeks ago. So, this haiku is dedicated to her. Hope you like it, Penny:)

The Ligo Haibun Challenge – Flower


She lives in a country, which has six months of darkness. Though she is accustomed to nights, she yearns for the sun. The dim street lamp illuminates the garden, from where a lone rose stands out. While admiring the rose, she hopes it would live to see the sunlight.

Your unmatched glow

Lights the darkest of nights

I pray you live forever

This was written for the ligo haibun challenge.

Last Night



The last night of 2012 takes with it

sorrows, malice and pain,

cuts envy, swallows greed,

injects optimism in worry and cools anger

And a bright new day opens up

as innocent as a child,

which imbibes its teachings

Is it to be fed with kindness and optimism?

or frustrations and misgivings?

The first day waits

Invading Coldness

The light ruffling breeze of the night

turned chilly

and unbearable at last

slowly permeating inside

the numb mind and the icy heart

triggering a painful coldness

that no blankets or medications

could warm


Caused by the nature almighty,

the coldness waits to be taken away

and transformed into a peaceful warmth

by the same nature

Waiting for the Light

I said, “It is dark all around

I am waiting for the light”

He said, “Just open your eyes

It is bright all over”


I said, “It has been night all along,

I am waiting for the sunshine.”

He said, “The sun is at its best

Your eyes are inverted

It is the darkness of your heart

that you are feeling.”

And I am still waiting…

Land of Agony

It was night and night all around

the sun refused to glare at the land

and moon feared to shine


A land of failure, it was called

Cursed by nature and God

Every living thing had a poor growth

Grasses looked pale

and flowers blossomed black


The land of agony

waits for a day

the obstinate sun would turn the force

of its orange glow

the moon would take pity

and display its bright beauty

the black sky would turn blue forever

bringing with it all the good fortune

A Strange Night


Night is a delight

in the safety of a house

and the comfort of blissful sleep


It was a strange night

when I felt myself thrown down

by a compelling, unnatural force

towards a vast ocean

where razor teeth, acid stomach

and other nameless monsters of the ocean

waited for an object from the land

My eyes blinded from the wind

and heart with fear

the ocean seemed so near


I sat up, my heart thudding

and the darkness

seeped through every window

my dream incomplete

Peace at Last


Forget the fears of the day

and the pain of the noon,

live for that moment

before the night

when you own your time,

when the gentle wind beckons to you,

serene plants whisper,

warmth enters your being

and peaceful sleep takes you away

That Creature

Don’t stroll alone

in the shadowy dark world

for you will be noticed by unseen eyes


The same eyes that quivered

upon sighting the ghost in a misty tree,

which looked serene and heavenly in the day


Those eyes have witnessed

nefarious activities carried out

in the shade of darkness


Those eyes belong to

that creepy creature,

which knows everything

that goes on in the other world

Dreadful Night

In the darkest of nights

cats cried out in alarm

and birds whimpered with them

forming a strange music

Trees stood unnaturally still

unaffected by the wind


I felt my bed shake

and a whisper in the covers

the voice of a ghost

asking for a place

amongst the living