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Flower of Joy

Beauty not only resides

in sprightly brightness

and flashing colours

Look at this new blossom

of delicate petals

and pale splendour


Any heart that dances

to the rhythm of animated glow

would be enveloped in soft music

and be cheered with unknown warmth

while glancing at this flower of joy

No Umbrella Please

Toss your umbrella away

and walk this way

With the rain, let us sway


We will feel the rain

Before it touches the ground

Be enamoured by its music

Its unending magic

and tap our feet

to its steady beat


We will glow in its beauty

Forget ourselves

and the world for sometime

Music from Old Delhi


I still hear the faint music

from old courts when I walk

the streets of old Delhi

I imagine the old elegant palaces,

which have been replaced

by crowded buildings, dusty and unpainted

Debris covers the roads

where royals walked with gentility

The delicious aroma from street bazaars,

a remainder of days when bargaining was an art,

now with curt sellers and hastening customers

The cultural paradise, the land of monuments,

the city which gave birth to new languages,

now relegated to old history textbooks

Music from the Heart

Where did the lilting music stem from?

The instrument could have only been a guitar

and I could feel the musician pausing,

Repeating the tune, thinking,

Mesmerised by his own music,

Forging ahead with assurance,

His music uninterrupted,

Certainty and confidence now


When he stopped his music,

the reluctance was not his alone

but the listeners

and also the guitar,

which longed to be played again

Soft Croon

Your velvety voice –

melts my gloomy thoughts

wakes me from painful nightmares

takes me to a new world

softens my unkind heart

and stops tough words midway


I ask for a meeting

and you say,

‘Some people are meant to heard,

not seen.’