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Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction- The Doll

It was cloudy when Macie returned home. She had been little more than a machine for the past 2 years. Her husband sighed, reaching out to take her hat and coat. All of a sudden, a fierce gust of wind shook their living room. The wind blew through his study, scattering his papers and bringing down a doll, which he had hidden from her. He did not hear the doll fall, but Macie did. She rushed over and picked it up, her eyes watering. She looked at his stunned face and sobbed for the first time in 2 years.

This story was written for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. Thank you, Charli, for giving us the opportunity.

The Cries

The baby bird cried softly outside the window

Watching the sick mother feed her new-born

She should have seen something in his forlorn eyes

For she dragged herself to the window

To feed him with love and care

The baby became stronger

And the bird grew into a fledgling

When the window closed forever

The fledgling pecked the window

Till his beak was sore

And the baby cried inside

Till there were no more tears

But the window remained resolutely closed

To be a Mother

Her heart thuds every time

he walks to the playground

Would he be hit by the volleyball

or the football this time?

She neither wants him to be the perpetrator

nor does she want him to be the victim

She wants him to be on top

but never over the top


And even after he fulfils her ‘wants’

She worries if things are too good

If there are no natural calamities

hidden to attack him