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The Unicorn


A proud unicorn plays with the wind, invisible to the human eye. Self-absorbed in his own magic, he pauses for a moment at the full moon night.

The moon soars high

rivalling me in magic

My envious eyes, enraptured

Who is ‘Moon’?


His mind clouds with serious thoughts

and uneasiness, like that of a court poet,

when he looks at the slippery moon.

Some he had compared to the guiding star,

flattered a few as the brightest star

and likened others to the luminous star, but to whom

did he confer the title of moon? Ah! He had to find out

before the prom, for she was

to be his partner

Written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write

Moon’s Gift


It was a moonlight night

With no stars or blemishes

On the still sky


I gazed awestruck,

at the looming moon

When a shiny object slipped

from the moon, falling

into the corners of my lawn


I ran outside and beheld

a shining stone, brighter

than any diamond, that could

belong to the earth

I preserved it in a velvet cloth

in a corner of my cupboard

Touching and feeling it every day

Walking around the world with a glow

not sharing my secret

of the moon’s precious gift


One day – I took the precious stone

to my lawn,

Desirous of relishing its beauty

in the full glow of the sun

The sun immediately turned

Its full focus on the object

Glaring greedily

and the next moment

My velvet cloth was empty,

no trace of the shining stone

Where did it vanish?

Did the sun absorb it?


The betrayed moon

never graced my lawn again

I had lost its precious gift,

but the sun stays for extra hours

Mocking with its heat and immense energy

Land of Agony

It was night and night all around

the sun refused to glare at the land

and moon feared to shine


A land of failure, it was called

Cursed by nature and God

Every living thing had a poor growth

Grasses looked pale

and flowers blossomed black


The land of agony

waits for a day

the obstinate sun would turn the force

of its orange glow

the moon would take pity

and display its bright beauty

the black sky would turn blue forever

bringing with it all the good fortune

Make Way

The sun was there for everybody,

overstaying, sneering at every living

and non-living thing


As the clouds moved in

to grace the thirsty

earth with water,

the sun stared them away


When the moon tried to

bath the land with her glow,

the sun angrily glared her away


Finally, the stars pushed themselves

forward, taking with them the night,

and the sulking sun was involuntarily

pushed back

Under the Dark Branches

As I stood under the dark trees

I feared the branches

Imagining slimy creatures

And creepy insects hiding deep inside


The moon moved restlessly

Finally finding its place above the branches

Revealing flawless leaves

Sending soft breeze my way

Rendering my fears meaningless

As I felt profound peace

Flower in Debris

Wild plants and tough rocks

Stood aside in wonder

As a fragile flower

Bloomed in debris

No water to soak in

No gardener to nourish

The flower grew on its own

Blessed by the sun

And kissed by the moon

Competing with flowers in huge gardens

Determined to achieve great heights

Braving the storm, dust and negligence