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Picture it and Write


The fashion model jumped into the boat, her gleaming red hair flying with the wind. She leaned gracefully against the table with a sullen smile. Instructed by her photographer, Jas, she now lay down, her curls in the ground.  Jas was not satisfied with her expression. Their entourage moved to the studio where she posed elegantly. Brooding, Jas clicked away randomly.

He edited all his photographs, looking for something. She just did not have the natural smile or poise, he thought. She is not an actress, just a model. He suddenly stopped with a photo. “This is the perfect shot I wanted” he said aloud. She was sporting a natural smile, her red hair slightly ruffled in the wind, eyes animated, apparently chatting with someone. But what was she wearing? A faded jeans and a plain white shirt! She held something very tightly – the pay cheque. Jas smiled, deleted the photo and walked out of the office.

This is an entry for the Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.