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Dream Song


You listen to my ramblings

with wonder and respect

that no one has accorded me

Your cast down eyes

and faraway look

imply a strange proximity

You see beauty

in my plain countenance

and depth

in my shallow eyes

I marvel at my fortune

and remain obliged

to cupid for choosing me

out of the millions

The Last Words


(This poem explores the male point of view)


The autumn flowers were easing away

as were his desires

He sat by the lake

when she came

late by two hours

She started the quarrel, as always,

before he could utter a word

for she had already planned it

She now had her sight on

another man with an overtly big purse

and better prospects

He knew her thoughts

from her eyes

and looked on scornfully

as she uttered the last words

and walked away

She had won

and he had lost,

but so had that concept called love

The Green Wall


They both huddled in a damp building

with fading, light green walls

away from the inquisitive eyes of the world


They held hands and spoke earnestly

and the wall came closer to hear them

He whispered incoherent words into her ear

which she half-understood,

but the green wall blushed bright green

as it understood the meaning of the each word

and its deep implications

Was that wall a woman?


Next he made promises

and the wall went further green

This time with envy

The wall was probably a woman


She waited for him

The next day, the following day

and the whole week

He never came

She wept with sorrow,

no companion to share her grief

but the wall shared her misery,

crying with her,

till its faded green color

further lightened

Yes, the wall was definitely a woman

The Taj Mahal Bench

Do not lower yourself onto this bench

It is not meant for you

Not for lonely people like you


It is a bench made only for lovers

who glide over the stormy waves of love

without losing their way to temptation


It is a bench made only for lovers

with the same focus in mind,

much like the emperor

who built the monument here,

a fruit of his passion

or perhaps his obstinacy

for the world to marvel


But, do not lower yourself onto this bench

Come with the perfect partner

As the bench awaits you, eagerly



(Meet a couple with different mindsets)

The train moves at an alarming speed

and halts reluctantly at a suburb

where nobody waits

except a couple

She looks forlorn,

unashamed tears flowing free

He looks expectant,

not even pretending to listen,

trying to pull his hand away,

desperate to escape the quiet suburb

to the land of opportunities

He boards, hardly looking back

while she stands there

left behind in the race of life

and that of love

Under the Mango Tree

It was not the grating sunlight

But the benevolent moonlight

That the lovers sought

As they huddled together


The mango tree listened, amused,

As they spoke of their dreams,

Future and lingering aspirations

The envious big bird listened too

And spitefully pushed a heavy fruit,

Which missed its target

And fell neatly in front of them

They looked up and thanked the tree

Their thirst satiated


The leaves shook

With silent laughter

At the startled bird

The tree said, ‘Love can never be ridiculed

And lovers are never discouraged’