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The Court



The courtesan dances,

each intricate step performed

with careless ease,

tempting the king, the prince,

the minister and the courtier,

but her legs sway for the court musician,

who knows her every rhythm,

while his voice calls to the princess,

he secretly admires, but the princess

dreams of the prince in an enemy kingdom

whereas this spoilt prince

imagines a hostile state’s dancer

beside him on the royal throne

Dream Song


You listen to my ramblings

with wonder and respect

that no one has accorded me

Your cast down eyes

and faraway look

imply a strange proximity

You see beauty

in my plain countenance

and depth

in my shallow eyes

I marvel at my fortune

and remain obliged

to cupid for choosing me

out of the millions

Snow and Leaf

Soft flakes melt on the plant’s skin

just like how your honeyed words

melt my agitated soul

I want to be that young leaf

that takes your icy surface,

warms your inner self,

melts with you

and falls with you to the ground

The Last Words


(This poem explores the male point of view)


The autumn flowers were easing away

as were his desires

He sat by the lake

when she came

late by two hours

She started the quarrel, as always,

before he could utter a word

for she had already planned it

She now had her sight on

another man with an overtly big purse

and better prospects

He knew her thoughts

from her eyes

and looked on scornfully

as she uttered the last words

and walked away

She had won

and he had lost,

but so had that concept called love

Unseen Aspects


In all your seeming shallowness

I see depth

In all your callousness

I perceive sensitivity,

a forgiving nature,

kindness beyond words

and unconstrained generosity


Emotional display scares you

You don’t want to seem weak

for the fear of being scorned at

Pretend all that you want to

for I have already seen through

Only in Your Eyes

Your eyes are pools of love

Sharing joy in abundance

Brightening the environment


Now you cast your icy stare

As I wait in tense anticipation

For your severe words


Later you have a glassy expression,

Which terrifies me

And sends me to the corner

Of a loveless world

Under the Mango Tree

It was not the grating sunlight

But the benevolent moonlight

That the lovers sought

As they huddled together


The mango tree listened, amused,

As they spoke of their dreams,

Future and lingering aspirations

The envious big bird listened too

And spitefully pushed a heavy fruit,

Which missed its target

And fell neatly in front of them

They looked up and thanked the tree

Their thirst satiated


The leaves shook

With silent laughter

At the startled bird

The tree said, ‘Love can never be ridiculed

And lovers are never discouraged’


She held the rose

As they walked close

Heading to the station

Their steps slow with reluctance and caution

They stared at each other

Him on the platform, her on the train

He was still left staring

Amongst the crowds, jostling


It was the rose that she held tight

As she was pushed

And her bag was crushed

Holding to the still fresh rose

The sole remainder of his love

She slept in a seated position

And woke with a start at her destination

Her tears left many wondering

Was it for the withered rose?

Or for her lover miles apart?


Days have seen him gaze at her window

Hoping for a glimpse of her shadow

When she would peep through the veil

With a wave and a pensive smile

Nights have seen him wallow

With her photo by his side

And receiver on his pillow


One day the curtains took pity

And gave way

To reveal her photo

Partially shrouded in flowers

Silent was every visitor

Oblivious of her unspoken desire

Her soul crying for her desolate lover