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New Life

I tried to move my ravaged limbs

when I heard arms and legs

thrashing around

in the next ward.

I rasped, trying to breathe

as incoherent screams

from the neighborhood

gave voice to my pain.

Silence found me, at last,

and I was wrapped, but

my soul wandered,

half-desolate and half-ecstatic.

Then I opened

my new eyes

to see a vague form

as motherly cooing

caressed my ears.

A Promise of Life

I walk close to the tangled barks

and buzzing noise

where creatures of the dark

watch me unseen.

Fear battling with persistence,

I tread into the darkness.

Branches block my vision

and stones prick my feet.

I stumble,

but walk on

when a gust of breeze

sweeps over me.

I look up to see a paradise

of flowers. The buzzing noises are

that of Red Admirals,

hovering around undiscovered flowers.

The tangled barks spread to huge branches

that offer shelter to millions

of tiny creatures, crawling and flying.

Did I fear the darkness?

Doesn’t the dark ultimately

make way for light?

The light of never-ending life,

promise and vigor.



I stare at the ceiling, wondering if it is 1 or 2 PM. At the corner of the table is a kerosene lantern, not used for many years. I light it and walk into the night. The creatures of the night hush at the sound of footsteps, but the persistent buzz of a bee holds my attention. The bee hovers around a wild plant; an orange bud. The bud sleeps on, unheeding the bee’s buzz and noise. But, the bee does not give up. It sits on the leaves and bends towards the bud, shaking it. Suddenly, there is a loud hiss. It is not the bee, but the flower. It opens up to reveal a yellow inner part, further illuminated by the lamp. The bee moves home and rekindles in my heart the hope to live.

orange bud blooms
baby’s first word

Disregard War


(Just an opinion against war)

Do not ever thirst for war, friends

Do not seek the ‘reversal’ of world maps

Substitute distaste for tolerance

and replace loathing with empathy


Spare a thought about the land destroyed by war

The heavenly landscape turned into a desert

Look at how the defeated are treated,

Women dishonoured and children slighted

The vanquished will tell you

that they do not seek glory anymore,

their half-dead spirits

only want to be left in peace

Your eyes that closed in a prayer for your country’s victory

would then brim with tears for your enemy

and you will become one of them

All of the civilised humanity united

against the enemy called war

A Small Prayer


A prayer for joy,

sunshine and happiness in lives

constructive thoughts making progress

and defeating negativity


A prayer for the beauty of nature

to stay intact and teach the value of life

not lashing out of control

with their boundless energy

and washing away the world

in their angry sojourn


A prayer for peace

and warmth around

Unseen Aspects


In all your seeming shallowness

I see depth

In all your callousness

I perceive sensitivity,

a forgiving nature,

kindness beyond words

and unconstrained generosity


Emotional display scares you

You don’t want to seem weak

for the fear of being scorned at

Pretend all that you want to

for I have already seen through

The Powerful and the Powerless

Just like the eagle

scouting and brooding

near the sea

for an easy prey,

the powerful

look for ways

to demean the powerless


You may see them

in your tormenting boss

in the tyrant of your class

Hunters pursuing animals

Clients taking turns to shout at you

The politician targeting enemies

Or even governments grabbing lands

Just Caught my Fancy

I am a light butterfly of yellow

and my flight takes me

to the colours I fancy

I perch on a sunflower

of my color

and the next moment

roll over the roses for nectar


I spring joyfully

to the overtly ripe fruit

and shuttle around

the night’s dim lights


I circle the warm fire,

which is brighter than any color

The heat warns me,

but I fail to notice

and in my excited state

jump straight into the hungry flames