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Color and Fragrance

The trees welcome you

with different shades of Green,

Grey, Orange and bright Yellow

rivalling flowers to display their beauty

They radiate a unique fragrance

of leaves, adjoining flowers

and the thick roots

Take a deep breath

fill yourself with this enticing fragrance

on your way to the destination,

store it deep in your heart

and hold it secure

till you visit the next time

The Distant Land


I look forward to the day

I would migrate

to a land far away

full of lush trees

fleshy fruits and inviting flowers


I know the route by heart

to the distant land

I would pass by the sandalwood trees,

countless palm trees and finally

reach my sought-after destination

I would perch on the same old oak tree,

not caring for the new ones

I would sit on a new leaf everyday,

teasing the pink flowers

and savouring the fruits ready to fall


I am ready to migrate

to that land

of my dreams

Windy Evening

The wild wind goads the faded leaves

from the safety of the grassland

to the busy road

The traveling milkman

whistles carelessly

letting the wind make

a new path for his cycle

Busy commuters forget

their mechanical schedule

to take a momentary peak at

the trees dancing with abandon

Flying Away

Orange and red gleaming in the sun,

the leaves grew with impossible speed

beckoning everyone

with their splendour and fragrance.

Never have I seen such vibrant beauty,

swaying in all its grandeur


The next day I realised the dance

was in fact a tremble

and the beauty and aroma

were a parting gift

for others to remember the leaves

after they fall a prey

to the autumn

Eucalyptus Garden

What place was that

with leaves thronging on the roots

of heavy trees?


What place was that

with old flowers persistently sticking

on to the stems, refusing to

fade away?


It was a paradise where the soothing aroma

of eucalyptus pervaded my being,

blinded my senses,

and pushed into my soul,

never to leave my memories,

existing in my conscious and

unconscious state

Slimy, Slippery Object

The tree froze as a slimy object

Entered its empire

Disguised in the colour of leaves,

the object slipped inside

and leaves shook as they recognized

a heavy, lengthy reptile in their midst


The reptile peeped at a rose flower

and in a moment swallowed the small bee

The flower shrank and the reptile sneered in distaste

Climbing down the unappetising, vast area

Leaving the tree in peace

Rain and its Aftermath

The maple tree stealthily conceals the water

and with glee, sprinkles a few drops

on each unsuspecting traveler


The sparrow delicately licks

the fresh water from a leaf

savouring the taste

before moving on


The land below absorbs the water greedily,

leaving a few drops out of pity

for the ever-hungry sun

Under the Dark Branches

As I stood under the dark trees

I feared the branches

Imagining slimy creatures

And creepy insects hiding deep inside


The moon moved restlessly

Finally finding its place above the branches

Revealing flawless leaves

Sending soft breeze my way

Rendering my fears meaningless

As I felt profound peace


Drops of rain trickle

Down every dry leaf

The bees suckle on the honey

Bathed in raindrops

The drops joining their companions

In the ever-thirsty river

Baby birds glimpsing out of nests

Their hearts singing with rejoice

The drops purify the brown mud

And beautifies soft sand

Gaining momentum as they fall down