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The Country in Far East

There is a country on the Far East

much favoured by every beauty of nature

A land of splendid hills

Here the flowers are not plucked

and the roads are not soiled

There is unlimited freedom

with different people united


Voices are soft

and everybody is heard

Animals speak here –

Dogs in a pleasing voice,

Horses commanding

Cats proud

and the squirrels in a melting tone


No arrogance and abuse

in the countless networking sites

Acceptance and equality all around

with opportunities in abundance

The Powerful and the Powerless

Just like the eagle

scouting and brooding

near the sea

for an easy prey,

the powerful

look for ways

to demean the powerless


You may see them

in your tormenting boss

in the tyrant of your class

Hunters pursuing animals

Clients taking turns to shout at you

The politician targeting enemies

Or even governments grabbing lands

Land of Paradise

Unsteady path,

dusty roads

and erratic pavements

led to me to this

land of paradise


This is the place

I stood transfixed

unable to blink

for the fear of losing it

as misty clouds enveloped me

casting a chill all around,

but leaving my heart

warm, satisfied and finally in peace

Rain and its Aftermath

The maple tree stealthily conceals the water

and with glee, sprinkles a few drops

on each unsuspecting traveler


The sparrow delicately licks

the fresh water from a leaf

savouring the taste

before moving on


The land below absorbs the water greedily,

leaving a few drops out of pity

for the ever-hungry sun