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Spark of Fire

I am the spark of fire

born from animosity.

I do not rue my birth

but transform into

a spark of hope

as I implant myself in

every child

who crosses my path.

I will burn in them

as a light of hope

and humanity,

till they pass me to others.

I will stay alight

with faith and joy

till the end of the world.

A Small Prayer


A prayer for joy,

sunshine and happiness in lives

constructive thoughts making progress

and defeating negativity


A prayer for the beauty of nature

to stay intact and teach the value of life

not lashing out of control

with their boundless energy

and washing away the world

in their angry sojourn


A prayer for peace

and warmth around

Funeral Flowers

I was born to be a funeral flower

to be placed on wreaths

I lose my sparkle to the tearful faces

and my fragrance to lifeless forms

I am a part of the environment,

the face of grief


The bridal flowers pity me,

and I tell them,

“You are just an addition to the joy

But I am a source of comfort

I am not here to allure

or be admired

I am here to honor

The beings gone to the other world

I am the sole spark of life

in countless graves.”

Windy Evening

The wild wind goads the faded leaves

from the safety of the grassland

to the busy road

The traveling milkman

whistles carelessly

letting the wind make

a new path for his cycle

Busy commuters forget

their mechanical schedule

to take a momentary peak at

the trees dancing with abandon


The fascination of the night

The secret it beholds

Erasing sorrows of the cruel day

Offering calmness all the way

Pacifying many a raging hearts

Soothing many a confused minds

Taking them into a world of oblivion

A paradise of calm and peace.

Who compares night to gloom?

And the day to joy?

I will take darkness anytime

Take away the scorching sun

And show me the way to oblivion.