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Trembling Earth

The tired sky stared at the earth

having nothing to give

Bereft of energy

and spirit


The warmth of the earth

turned into a burn

The sun pierced the land

cutting it to dry pieces


Unable to bear the crushing weight

of so many beings

the earth shook

and erupted one day,

which the world called earthquake


The sky hid behind clouds

too powerless to help

the trembling earth

Watching Them

We watch them in grasses

Grazing to their full

and staring curiously

Little knowing the intentions

The next day – they are in our dining tables

in varying forms and sizes


We watch them in media

Call them ‘endangered species’

while wearing their skin

as a deterrent against cold

and an object of fancy


We watch them in the forest

Marvel at their ferocity

Hiding in a safe place

The next day –

the trophies of our ‘bravery’

hang in our walls


Just think for a moment

of the dying animal

Liken their blood with yours

Look into their eyes,

think of your loved ones

and we will never do that again