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Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge – The Little Girl

Tough-looking muscled men chopped the trees, cutting nature’s artwork to make way for furniture. Loud women worked with them, chatting and laughing. The little one hid behind the trees, glad that she had no legs. She was scared that they would find her out. She nibbled on the cakes and fruits they had left in the corner. It was the same every year; she longed for new cream cakes and pastries. She paused, startled. A man came quite close to her. If the little one had a heart, it would have thudded. But, she had died 5 years ago.

This was written for Charli’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.

Picture it and Write


The fashion model jumped into the boat, her gleaming red hair flying with the wind. She leaned gracefully against the table with a sullen smile. Instructed by her photographer, Jas, she now lay down, her curls in the ground.  Jas was not satisfied with her expression. Their entourage moved to the studio where she posed elegantly. Brooding, Jas clicked away randomly.

He edited all his photographs, looking for something. She just did not have the natural smile or poise, he thought. She is not an actress, just a model. He suddenly stopped with a photo. “This is the perfect shot I wanted” he said aloud. She was sporting a natural smile, her red hair slightly ruffled in the wind, eyes animated, apparently chatting with someone. But what was she wearing? A faded jeans and a plain white shirt! She held something very tightly – the pay cheque. Jas smiled, deleted the photo and walked out of the office.

This is an entry for the Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

Anticipation and Acceptance


A small drop fell down hesitantly

looking for acceptance

and the reaction was intense

as hot sand coiled together

The sea halted its waves for a second

to listen to the distant thunder

Busy passers stopped midway

only to send up a soft prayer

and a girl jumped up in glee

preparing to dance with the heavy rainfall

Girl and Ghost

The girl stood alone in her balcony

Solitude for company

When she heard a loud whisper

She did not turn

Lost in her thoughts

She heard a piercing scream

And she did not flinch

Then she saw a white mist

Against the dark night

She touched it with a sad smile

A vacant look in her eyes


The ghost flew away, disappointed

She neither belonged to the lively humans

Nor with the dead spirits

She was a human body

With emotions dead