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The Ghost Resides Here

The ghost no longer resides in the old castle

in the darkness of the royal lodgings

It waits in the windows of spacious residences

Seeking entrance in an angry body

to enter a disputed community

to encourage negative thoughts

probe into a mind of pessimism

pierce every miserable heart

It has no place with a happy soul,

a relaxed heart

and a peaceful community

The Story of Mr B


There is a big house across the town

with black walls and broken glasses

You have met the house owner

on your way to this town

and shook hands with him

You said that he had an inhuman glow on his face

and his hands felt like furnace,

leaving your hands with a burning sensation


He was Mr Bankroller, the owner of the big house

He had everything –

Youth, wealth, the town’s most coveted girl

and also countless enemies

His house was burnt down one night

not by his countless enemies,

but his revered friends

on whom he lavished his time,

happiness and wealth


They say he still glides in the borders of the town

and meets up with new entrants

He lets in the vilest of men

and even the savages in human form

but not those with sugar-coated words,

and the sweetest of faces

with cruel intentions inside

Oh! You may call him a ghost,

but he is our guardian

Dreadful Night

In the darkest of nights

cats cried out in alarm

and birds whimpered with them

forming a strange music

Trees stood unnaturally still

unaffected by the wind


I felt my bed shake

and a whisper in the covers

the voice of a ghost

asking for a place

amongst the living

Girl and Ghost

The girl stood alone in her balcony

Solitude for company

When she heard a loud whisper

She did not turn

Lost in her thoughts

She heard a piercing scream

And she did not flinch

Then she saw a white mist

Against the dark night

She touched it with a sad smile

A vacant look in her eyes


The ghost flew away, disappointed

She neither belonged to the lively humans

Nor with the dead spirits

She was a human body

With emotions dead