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I stare at the ceiling, wondering if it is 1 or 2 PM. At the corner of the table is a kerosene lantern, not used for many years. I light it and walk into the night. The creatures of the night hush at the sound of footsteps, but the persistent buzz of a bee holds my attention. The bee hovers around a wild plant; an orange bud. The bud sleeps on, unheeding the bee’s buzz and noise. But, the bee does not give up. It sits on the leaves and bends towards the bud, shaking it. Suddenly, there is a loud hiss. It is not the bee, but the flower. It opens up to reveal a yellow inner part, further illuminated by the lamp. The bee moves home and rekindles in my heart the hope to live.

orange bud blooms
baby’s first word

Butterfly Songs

With a smooth movement

the light-weighted beauty glides past

those hunting charmers,

perches on cattle

and moves away

causing a mild sensation


The butterfly settles on

the leaning flower

lapping up the nectar

before any livid bird

could make a claim

Flower of Joy

Beauty not only resides

in sprightly brightness

and flashing colours

Look at this new blossom

of delicate petals

and pale splendour


Any heart that dances

to the rhythm of animated glow

would be enveloped in soft music

and be cheered with unknown warmth

while glancing at this flower of joy

Bird and Flower

Why did the bird perch over the same flower?

suckling deep inside

only to return in a few seconds

and ignore other dazzling beauties nearby


The bird visited everyday

squealing shrilly at competition

chasing feathered companions


The bird returned even after

the flower faded away

nibbling the stem

and pecking the thorns furiously

calling for the flower piteously

with its blood-soaked beak

Opening Up

The flower opens up

as the sun casts its

golden gaze, focusing its entire energy

on the fearless flower


Are they both in a romantic medley?

Or a vicious confrontation?

Nobody knows as the sun’s stare

refuses greedy eyes the right

to gaze at the elegant beauty

Slimy, Slippery Object

The tree froze as a slimy object

Entered its empire

Disguised in the colour of leaves,

the object slipped inside

and leaves shook as they recognized

a heavy, lengthy reptile in their midst


The reptile peeped at a rose flower

and in a moment swallowed the small bee

The flower shrank and the reptile sneered in distaste

Climbing down the unappetising, vast area

Leaving the tree in peace

The Stem and the Leaf

The tree pleads with the wind

For a few moments of silence

To listen to a leaf’s conversation

With the stem

About a budding flower

And the tree dreams on

With the stem

About the colour, texture and beauty

Of the arriving bud

Just the way

Parents dream

Of their unborn child

Giving Life

Stimulating desire with its fragrance

This is an exquisite beauty

Giving life to Bouquets

Adorning a bride’s hair

And reviving dead senses


And more than ever

It rejuvenates the silent forest

So let it stay amongst the leaves

Belonging to them

For us only to be admired