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Spark of Fire

I am the spark of fire

born from animosity.

I do not rue my birth

but transform into

a spark of hope

as I implant myself in

every child

who crosses my path.

I will burn in them

as a light of hope

and humanity,

till they pass me to others.

I will stay alight

with faith and joy

till the end of the world.

The Fireball

The fireball reflected in a placid lake

illuminates the entire area

The early sun

does not burn

but in its youth and innocence,

the sun lights up

each object of nature

and with boundless curiosity

visits unexplored places


After the magical mist passes

and each object has been discovered,

the sun remembers its true purpose

now old and wise,

it burns the world with all its might

The Story of Mr B


There is a big house across the town

with black walls and broken glasses

You have met the house owner

on your way to this town

and shook hands with him

You said that he had an inhuman glow on his face

and his hands felt like furnace,

leaving your hands with a burning sensation


He was Mr Bankroller, the owner of the big house

He had everything –

Youth, wealth, the town’s most coveted girl

and also countless enemies

His house was burnt down one night

not by his countless enemies,

but his revered friends

on whom he lavished his time,

happiness and wealth


They say he still glides in the borders of the town

and meets up with new entrants

He lets in the vilest of men

and even the savages in human form

but not those with sugar-coated words,

and the sweetest of faces

with cruel intentions inside

Oh! You may call him a ghost,

but he is our guardian

Just Caught my Fancy

I am a light butterfly of yellow

and my flight takes me

to the colours I fancy

I perch on a sunflower

of my color

and the next moment

roll over the roses for nectar


I spring joyfully

to the overtly ripe fruit

and shuttle around

the night’s dim lights


I circle the warm fire,

which is brighter than any color

The heat warns me,

but I fail to notice

and in my excited state

jump straight into the hungry flames