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Short Story – Rustom’s Interview

Hi Friends,

My short story, Rustom’s Interview, has been published in The World of Myth Magazine. This is the first time I had tried two POVs. Thank you so much, Stephanie, for the publication. Please click the link below to read it. Thank You.

Rustom’s Interview

The Final Book – Picture it & Write


Larry woke up, cold and shivering. It was the same dream again. The girl lay by the lake, reading, ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ by Charles Dickens. Below the title, it read, ‘The finished draft’. How did she get hold of the completed version? This was Charles Dickens’s last incomplete work.  Larry just stood in the shore, looking at her. He could not swim.  The girl took her eyes from the book and her eyes widened in fear as she looked at him. She dived into the lake with the book. Larry noticed that her red shoes were in fact a tail as she disappeared into the water.

Larry was sure that there was a finished version. He was a fanatical bookworm and had read all of Charles Dickens’s work. He asked all the libraries in the city. He even put up advertisements. He is still searching for the ‘final’ draft.

This was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

The Unicorn


A proud unicorn plays with the wind, invisible to the human eye. Self-absorbed in his own magic, he pauses for a moment at the full moon night.

The moon soars high

rivalling me in magic

My envious eyes, enraptured

Beyond Reach


This is the last destination

of the wayward traveller,

Beyond the human reach,

these mountains

are frozen by destiny

as an immovable part of nature


We run and race

to touch and feel this

distant mirage,

but all we are allowed

is a fleeting glance

of this sculpted beauty

It is seemingly near

but too far for the human touch

The Country in Far East

There is a country on the Far East

much favoured by every beauty of nature

A land of splendid hills

Here the flowers are not plucked

and the roads are not soiled

There is unlimited freedom

with different people united


Voices are soft

and everybody is heard

Animals speak here –

Dogs in a pleasing voice,

Horses commanding

Cats proud

and the squirrels in a melting tone


No arrogance and abuse

in the countless networking sites

Acceptance and equality all around

with opportunities in abundance

Moon’s Gift


It was a moonlight night

With no stars or blemishes

On the still sky


I gazed awestruck,

at the looming moon

When a shiny object slipped

from the moon, falling

into the corners of my lawn


I ran outside and beheld

a shining stone, brighter

than any diamond, that could

belong to the earth

I preserved it in a velvet cloth

in a corner of my cupboard

Touching and feeling it every day

Walking around the world with a glow

not sharing my secret

of the moon’s precious gift


One day – I took the precious stone

to my lawn,

Desirous of relishing its beauty

in the full glow of the sun

The sun immediately turned

Its full focus on the object

Glaring greedily

and the next moment

My velvet cloth was empty,

no trace of the shining stone

Where did it vanish?

Did the sun absorb it?


The betrayed moon

never graced my lawn again

I had lost its precious gift,

but the sun stays for extra hours

Mocking with its heat and immense energy