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The Blue Rose

It was a sprightly day in June

and a blue rose blossomed in my garden

amidst full red roses


The tender blue rose

had dangerous thorns,

which pricked at the slightest touch

It survived the spring and the fall

and looked as silky

as the day on which it was born


One sunny day

it was suddenly gone

We looked all over the ground,

the walls and even in the next garden,

but it was not to be seen

and we never had a blue rose again

Flying Away

Orange and red gleaming in the sun,

the leaves grew with impossible speed

beckoning everyone

with their splendour and fragrance.

Never have I seen such vibrant beauty,

swaying in all its grandeur


The next day I realised the dance

was in fact a tremble

and the beauty and aroma

were a parting gift

for others to remember the leaves

after they fall a prey

to the autumn