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Beyond Reach


This is the last destination

of the wayward traveller,

Beyond the human reach,

these mountains

are frozen by destiny

as an immovable part of nature


We run and race

to touch and feel this

distant mirage,

but all we are allowed

is a fleeting glance

of this sculpted beauty

It is seemingly near

but too far for the human touch

A Strange Night


Night is a delight

in the safety of a house

and the comfort of blissful sleep


It was a strange night

when I felt myself thrown down

by a compelling, unnatural force

towards a vast ocean

where razor teeth, acid stomach

and other nameless monsters of the ocean

waited for an object from the land

My eyes blinded from the wind

and heart with fear

the ocean seemed so near


I sat up, my heart thudding

and the darkness

seeped through every window

my dream incomplete


Had I been an apparition

I would haunt the library

Gliding along the dark nooks

Looking for my past in the rusty books

I would frequent the hilly terrain

Where I had strolled every morning

Listening to the noise of the lone bee

And the thunder of the nearby sea.

I would revisit my email

Where I had spent countless hours

Waiting for acknowledgement and approval.

I would search for my wet pillow,

Which had witnessed my unfulfilled dreams

And unsatisfied desires.